I provide expert advice and solutions in the space where human & exercise physiology intersect with product to streamline the innovation process.


The human body is complex. It functions like a machine, but isn’t a machine. It adapts and changes.

Products are designed and technology is developed to enhance comfort, improve performance, and advance data analytics during physical activity.

But do they?


This is why you need expert advice.

Know before you start.  Design the right project. Adapt as you go. Be confident in the results. Communicate the findings effectively.


This looks like expert background research and interpretation of the literature to better focus the design and development process.

This looks like on-the-fly problem solving to keep the project on-track but to remain agile if unforeseen challenges arise.

This looks like accurate data analysis and interpretation of the results so that the findings are clear to the stake-holders and to the customers.


Background research

  • Understand what is out there, what has been done, and what it means. Planning now helps focus the process to make sure you are solving the right problem.

Project design, Project development

  • The details. The methods. Make sure what you are actually planning to do will result in data that provides outcomes that are beneficial. Many interesting ideas and projects fall short here and result in data that is hard to draw any meaningful conclusions from.

Project management

  • On-the-fly advice throughout project. Stuff happens. Make sure your projects remain on-track, but also agile in the face of new challenges that arise.

Data analysis

  • You have the data. Now make sure its correctly analyzed.

Interpretation of results

  • You did the work, you have the results. But what does it mean? What are the implications? Is there anything missing? What can be concluded? What’s next?

Communication of findings

  • Make sure the results to your study are presented acurately and effectively.


I have extensive experience in human subject research and an advanced knowledge of human & exercise physiology.

My experience, background, and education exposed me to more than just the projects I was directly involved in. So if your product or project is slightly different, talk to me.

How can I help?