One of my passions is helping and empowering people to explore the world through physical activity.

I grew up in Southern California and lived a physically active lifestyle, from soccer to surfing, mountaineering to triathlon. My love for being active, my desire to understand the science behind exercise, and my goal to inspire and share this with others lead me to pursue exercise science.

I received my B.S. in Kinesiology from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) and went on to receive my Ph.D. in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado Boulder working in the Applied Exercise Science Lab under Dr. William Byrnes.

My experience working with external partners (CycleOps PowerTap, 37.5 Technologies) on research projects as well as critically evaluating scientific literature equips me to consult on R&D and products/technology related to human physiology, to innovate products, and to educate & coach.

My mission & goals for RÅD Solutions are to help and empower people to experience happiness, to be in wonder, to achieve their goals, to challenge their potential, and to matter by exploring the world through physical activity.

Eric Homestead, Ph.D.

Scientific Research experience

  • Designing and managing diverse human subject research projects in collaboration with Dr. William Byrnes and external partner’s providing insight for product validation, product development, and future product ideas.
  • Managed 5-person team exploring thermoregulation, concluding that a proprietary synthetic shirt reduced core body temperature by 8% providing benefits during exercise to participants (published). See article in WIRED.
  • Determined that using an individual’s efficiency value that tracks cycling power improves the estimate of energy expenditure by >35% over other methods in recreationally active and elite athletes (published).
  • Co-author of published study from graduate student who I mentored demonstrating that different breathing valves commonly used to gather data result in different physiological variables during exercise testing.
  • Managed 3-person team studying 30 participants showing that unique heart rate based formula inaccurately estimates energy expenditure by >20% during running, cycling, and stair stepping.
  • Determined that extremely intense exercise increases energetic variables by >12% during submaximal exercise performed afterwards in both endurance trained and recreationally active athletes (in review).
  • Co-author on published paper demonstrating that bicycle mounted power meters are capable of being used outside to determine aerodynamic and rolling resistance advantages.

Recent and current Consulting & research Experience

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Other FUN stuff

Currently I sweat, push myself, and stay healthy & fit racing in triathlons. I'm a member of Boulder Racing, an elite and development triathlon team. Check out the team's Instagram and Facebook.

I love coffee.

Beyond my scientific & analytical side, I find balance in the arts by taking pictures, listening to and playing music, and seeking out good design.

I love trail running.

Sweating on the trails in sunny Colorado.

Sweating on the trails in sunny Colorado.

- All photographs by Eric Homestead unless stated otherwise -